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Home growers

Home growers area

The Friends of Norwood Park have been awarded funding through Incredible Edible Lambeth's Love Your Roots campaign, funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

The funding is to purchase a secure lock box and basic tools so that we can have garden tools and equipment on site. We aim to encourage more people to use our area and to create a little community of passionate participants.

Follow our progress here!

About the area

February 2016

The community group Friends of Norwood Park set up the home growers area around 6 years ago, fencing off an area of the park and building 2 rows of raised beds.

The shed we previously used was vandalised beyond repair, and currently we rely on one volunteer to drive his tools to the park every Saturday, which unsustainable and has caused our numbers to dwindle.

We hope by purchasing a secure lock box and providing tools on site that we can rejuvenate the home growers community!

Farewell trusty shed

March 2016

Now that we have the funding to purchase a secure lock box, we need to arrange removal of the old shed!

We're looking for someone to dismantle and take the shed away, if you're interested do get in touch!

Lock box chosen

March 2016

After doing some lengthy research and looking at different features of lock boxes and their prices, we've decided to go for a Sentribox.

It uses just 1 key and has a four-point locking system and anti-jemmy bars all round, so it's really secure.

It also has two hydraulic arms so it should be nice and comfortable for everyone to use!